Hospital Orders

The Ear Pillow has been used in the Dermatology and ENT departments at hospitals since 2008.

To discuss further or to place an order please either email or telephone:

I would not be able to sleep without it, the design is perfect.

Thomas (Holywell, North Wales)

I have suffered intermittent chondro-dermatitis on my ears, so the dermatologist gave me a leaflet about a new pillow, which would enable me to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

It has been a most acceptable aid and helped to clear up the problem. It is extremely well made and I can recommend this pillow for use for any problem where ears need to be rested from pressure during sleep.
I have  had the pillow for three years and if the problem recurs it is useful to keep it easily accessible.

Thelma (Conwy, North Wales)